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In Labour
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Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Fees at Wilgers Infertility Clinic include the following services:

Laboratory Hours

Laboratory Hours for 2018 are as follow:


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Taking care of your infertility

Health Plans

All patients are required to pay in cash. prior to hospital admission. 

CAMAF members are covered as stated below.

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Wilgers Infertility Clinic offers since 2004, the highest quality of service and personalized care to patients and practitioners alike.

Infertility Specialist 

Infertility Specialist Doctors affiliated to the clinic...



I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Niemandt since 1993. Dr. Niemandt and his team are wonderful people and have always treated me and my family with the utmost respect and care! There is no better infertility specialist in South Africa! We are proud parents of two beautiful children who both are a blessing from God through the hands of Dr. Niemandt.

—  Maxine van Zyl